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"Building for the way people really live."


Mark and Lauren
We just finished building our dream home with Classic Urban Homes, and we couldn't be happier. CUH was recommended to us by 4 different families we know, none of whom know each other. That alone is incredible ...Read More

Matt and Kristin
Highgrove Drive never looked better thanks to the job Classic Urban Homes did on our recent project. Professional, timely, and on budget. What more can you ask for right? Michael is patient and understanding of when ...Read More

Mitch and Skip
We have built two homes with Michael Turner and Classic Urban Homes and we would recommend them to anyone. Building a home is usually one of the most stressful endeavors most people will undertake. It pays huge dividends ...Read More

Lan & Vinh
It's been about a year and a half now since the completion of our beautiful custom home, and we are still as much in love with it as the first day we moved in. We are so thankful that we had the opportunity opportunity ...Read More

Garry & Anna
If you want to build a house without much stress, then you should choose a builder who is diligent. If you want to find a diligent builder, than you should choose Michael! You will be impressed with his organizational skills and ...Read More

Tucker & Lori
Our building process with Classic Urban Homes could not have been any smoother. Michael Turner did an excellent job of keeping the build on schedule and most importantly within the scheduled budget. He always had excellent ...Read More

Debbi & David
Debbi Berins was for many years a leading designer of hotels, restaurants, spas and commercial spaces. Then, for ten years, she was Director of Interior Design for one of Austin's most prominent residential architectural firms...Read More

Sean & Alice
We recently completed a major remodel/addition to our home increasing our space from less than 1,500SF to 3,000SF. Teaming with our architect, Michael Turner produced a masterpiece that was a perfect manifestation of our vision ...Read More

Scott & Allison
"Building our home with Michael Turner was an amazingly fun and positive experience. He worked with us to identify everything we wanted in our new home and was an excellent resource throughout the process. Michael's professional experience ...Read More

Yvette & Jason
"Michael Turner was a true joy to work with and made the entire building experience wonderful. We love the new house, and everything greatly surpassed our expectations. Michael's work ethic and friendly attitude quickly earned our respect ...Read More

Nat & Lindsay
"Classic Urban Homes has mastered logical, stylish and energy-efficient houses for couples and families at all life phases. The amount of storage is near perfection, and the energy-efficient materials and appliances ...Read More

Bill Willis - Allie Beth Allman
I came into the house for the first time expecting to see the same tired old builder shortcuts. I was extremely surprised by what I saw. Classic Urban Homes' thoughtfulness and attention to detail ...Read More

Kirin & Marcelo
"Building our custom home with Classic Urban Homes was such a pleasure. A contemporary house requires top workmanship, and we interviewed several different builders for our project. We saw other houses Mike had done ...Read More

Craig & Annette
"Michael Turner was an absolute gift as he directed the add-on to our Preston Hollow home. We ended up almost doubling the size of our home and lived there during the process. He consistently completed each phase on time with the full respect of each ...Read More