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"Building for the way people really live."


Mark and Lauren
We just finished building our dream home with Classic Urban Homes, and we couldn't be happier.
CUH was recommended to us by 4 different families we know, none of whom know each other. That alone is incredible, and based on our experience, those recommendations were extremely well deserved.

If we were going to build another home, we'd partner with CUH again in a heartbeat. Here's a few reasons why:

- We came in on budget
- We finished 6 weeks ahead of schedule!
- Our new neighbors were incredibly impressed with the way the build was managed, in particular the cleanliness of the lot and respect for their space / noise, etc.
- the architects and contractors CUH uses are very customer-service oriented, and regularly went the extra mile to help make everything run smoothly and quickly.

Michael and Jane were a joy to work with, and brought countless great ideas to help make our home a great place to live. Where we had to do "value engineering" on features or finishes, or when items went out of stock, they came back to us with amazing, well-thought out alternatives and creative solutions. Their experience helped us make smart choices, and move quickly.