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"Building for the way people really live."

We build low-maintenance homes and carefully research and select building materials that endure.

We design homes that adapt to today's rapidly changing lifestyles. Our homes feature inviting, multifunctional spaces that incorporate simple yet striking architecture.

Engineered Plans
We eliminate guesswork by planning all the major systems in the home. From the trusses to the foundation, all critical systems are designed with permanence in mind. We never cut corners by making a cheap choice to save a few dollars. Just to make sure we don't miss anything, we employ a professional third-party inspection firm to document all the major building stages.

Keeping the Elements Out
One of the most overlooked issues in constructing a durable house is providing a weatherproof environment. All our homes have extensive moisture barriers and waterproofing, all windows have Low-E glass to keep out harmful UV rays, and anything that permeates the house skin is flashed, taped and sealed.

Every house is individual. The design team strives to match that individuality with its product selections. The team looks for the ideal match of design, form and function. The builder specifies lasting products and systems available in the marketplace.

We Are Here to Stay
The strength of your house is matched by the strength of our company. Classic Urban Homes meticulously manages its business practices and stands behind its product.