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"Building for the way people really live."

Building "green" is a philosophy that means different things to different people. A common misconception is that it is very expensive to opt for energy efficient construction. In reality, the basics of energy efficient building are low cost, sometimes even cost-saving, and can have long-term substantial benefits.

Classic Urban Homes believes in a "whole house" approach to building. Your home is more than just the sum of its parts. It is the interaction of all the parts of the home, from its systems to equipment, its occupants and the structure that make the home energy efficient.

When building, we incorporate resource efficiency and environmental considerations into every step of the home building process. Some people call this "green" building, we just call it smarter.

It means making intentional decisions about:

- Energy efficiency improvements such as high levels of insulation, efficient HVAC systems, high-performance windows and energy-efficient appliances and lighting;

- Indoor environmental quality considerations such as effective HVAC equipment, formaldehyde-free finishes, low-allergen materials, and products with minimum off-gassing or low volatile organic compounds (VOCs);

- Resource conservation using materials and techniques such as engineered wood and wood alternatives, recycled building materials, and more durable products;

- Water conservation measures such as water-efficient appliances and fixtures, filtration systems, and drought resistant or low-maintenance landscaping;

- Site design planning such as minimizing disruption and preserving open space; and

- Homeowner education through manuals and operating guides.

Classic Urban Homes is a proud member of Green Built North Texas and the U.S. Green Building Council.