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"Building for the way people really live."

Thoughtful. Individual. Uncluttered. Refreshing. Modern. Function. Inviting. Traditional. Uncommon. Style. Comfort. Urban. Original. Livable. Rare.

These are all words to describe houses built by Classic Urban Homes. We bring elements of a modern aesthetic and adapt it to traditional living spaces. There is an absence of the ornamental and a strong concentration on function.

We take pride in our designs - each house is unique. The process is organic - imagining each house and how we might live there.

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From modern to craftsman, all our homes share a common element. We build a stage, leaving you free to express your own personal style.

Come find the home that speaks to you.
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Current Projects
We have several great projects going on right now. Give us a call or stop by and get some inspiration for your next home.
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